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Solid - Wild Ginger - Capri Leggings


Solid - Wild Ginger - Capri Leggings
Solid - Wild Ginger - Capri Leggings Solid - Wild Ginger - Capri Leggings Solid - Wild Ginger - Capri Leggings - 2nd on Right in Pic Solid - Wild Ginger - Capri Leggings - Center of Pic


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Solid Wild Ginger Capris. This color is a shade lighter than the Marsala and Mauve, and lighter than the Burgundy solids. Absolutely gorgeous color! Our beautiful online helper, Sharon has shown us here in her photo how well these go with so many of the popular floral tops out there today! The possibilities are endless!

Are you a DFW Local? Come shop our retail location in Allen, TX! Dream Leggings is located in the Lone Star Mercantile, 2301 W. McDermott. You can find us on the “Bluebonnet” aisle, #A307/308. We’ve installed a FABULOUS Dressing Room, with an oscillating fan for your comfort! 

Need help locating your size and length Dream Leggings while shopping at the LSM? Notice all of our Leggings and Capris are tightly rolled up, and held together with colored hair ties/bands... Each color of band represents the size and length...

  • Regular Full Length Leggings= Pale Pink Bands
  • Regular Capris= White Bands
  • Plush Full Length Leggings= Black Bands
  • Plush Size Capris= Gold Bands
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