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Evelyn *CAPRI


Evelyn *CAPRI - Dream Leggings
Evelyn *CAPRI - Dream Leggings Evelyn *CAPRI - Dream Leggings Evelyn *CAPRI - Dream Leggings Evelyn *CAPRI - Dream Leggings Evelyn *CAPRI - Dream Leggings Evelyn *CAPRI - Dream Leggings Evelyn *CAPRI - Dream Leggings


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Evelyn has a beautiful shade of Mauve colored background, with big, bold, and bright Floral designs all over. The colors in this floral print are a bright Plum Purple, with highlights of pale Blush Pink, light Lavender or Lilac, and hints of a pale Dusty Blue color. The foliage and leaves boast a gorgeous hue of dark Green, Sage Green, and little hints of mint here and there.

Available in Regular Capri and Plush full length Leggings. 

* Our New “Eudora” Tunics in Grey and Purple match this print perfectly! 

* Also, our Dusty Sage Tops and Tunics look amazing with this print! Truly sets those bold colors off with a POW!! Featured in the photos is the Twist Top in Dusty Sage. Our Polly Ruffle Tunics in Sage are the same identical color, and will also look fabulously chic!

*Stay tuned for the Plush CAPRI, via our VIP FB Group! Almost 11,000 customers, other Leggings Lovers as yourself, sharing Selfie outfit pics, You'll also get to vote on the next round of prints, solids, tops, and more! Have questions about sizing, styles, or anything else? Join and post them on our main Group feed - You'll get REAL answers by REAL customers!

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