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Carla - Pink and Purple Floral Leggings


Carla - Pink Purple Floral Leggings
Carla - Opal Printed Leggings Carla - Pink Purple Floral Leggings Carla - Bright Floral Printed Leggings Carla - Bright Pink Purple Floral Printed Leggings Carla - Purple Floral Leggings


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ONLY ONE PAIR LEFT! Carla looks like an iridescent Opal with her Off-White iridescent shade of mint background with several pops of bright Hot Pink, Pale Lilac, Plum, and deep Magenta flowers throughout. These are by far the neatest Floral Print that’s ever come thru the DLHQ! The background alone is a showstopper! It’s hard to tell in the photos, but once you open your pretty pink package from us with these babies in them, you’ll TOTALLY see what I mean! Just awesome!!

These will match several of our Tops! Basically any and all Purple shades we’ve ever carried match these perfectly! The darker purple in the pic I’m wearing is the Alana. The lighter Lavender is the Polly Ruffle Tunic. 

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