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About Dream LeggingsDream Leggings ™️ ~ A women's clothing boutique specializing in trendy, affordable Leggings, Capris, Jeggings, Tops + Tunics for ALL! We are well known for our curvy, “Plush” TC size clothing. 

Family owned and operated. Shipping same or next business day from Dallas, Texas.

Our new Exclusive printed leggings are custom designed and created, so you won't find our prints anywhere else! Our large VIP Group of over 10,000 customers/members are in charge of what designs we print next, as they get to VOTE on each round we release! Come and join us now, and let us know what YOU would like us to make next!

I hope that every woman wearing Dream Leggings, young or old, will feel beautiful and confident about herself! There's more to clothing than just putting something on--it's about how it makes us feel when we're wearing it, and how we want to represent ourselves as a person.

Clothing is a passion. Through it, we can be creative. We can express ourselves. We can be anything or anyone! We use outfits to be confident, to be cozy, to be fun, or to get stuff done. We believe that every woman should be excited to put on her outfits every morning! 

Clothes should fit. Clothes should be comfortable. Clothes should tell the world who you are. As we fill our lives with careers, or children, or education, or travel, our clothes need to be convenient, functional, and stylish. That is what we feel Dream Leggings can provide. 

Dream Leggings™ can fit you. Dream Leggings™ can fit your life, your style, your needs, and your budget… and they're sent right to your front door!

We cannot wait to see what Dream Leggings can do for you!

We are excited to see you and your style. 


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