Leggings Size Chart - Sizing Guide

Here at Dream Leggings, we understand how important it is to find a pair of leggings that are snug enough to feel secure, but not too tight around the middle, as comfort is important, no matter what occasion! Our size chart and sizing guide, along with our product descriptions will help you get the right fit for a pair of boutique leggings you will want to wear all day, every day!

See our guides below, for our Classic Leggings, our new Exclusive Leggings line, and our matching Tops and Tunics... *Please note, all of our leggings are extremely stretchy, without being "see-thru", so sizing is very generous! The measurements in this guide are simply a general guide- not ACTUAL measurements, as stated above, the stretch of our material is amazing! If you do not like the sizing, once you receive your new Dream Leggings, we will be happy to accept your return, as long as it's within our Return Policy.

DL EXCLUSIVE LEGGINGS LINE ~ (first chart): Size Chart and Measurements for our New 4” Yoga Waist Leggings.*NOTE: OUR EXCLUSIVES HAVE MORE STRETCH THAN OUR CLASSIC LEGGINGS, giving you more room in the length and torso areas.

Exclusive Leggings Size Chart

OUR CLASSIC (non-exclusive) LEGGINGS ~ (second chart): Size Chart for our Classic (non-exclusive) Leggings and Capri's, with both elastic and yoga waist styles. (These are typically priced at $15.88 to $18.88):

Dream Leggings Size Chart


We do not have an actual Size Chart for our Tops and Tunics.

Since we shop designers from all over the world, some styles may differ in sizing. Jen tries on every single Top that comes thru the DLHQ, and always writes in the descriptions whether they fit TTS (True to Size), or if you should size up or down. (Jen is size 12/14 and typically wears the size Large, and sometimes the Medium in our Tops and Tunics). *SEE EACH TOPS DESCRIPTION FOR SIZING!

Also, the BEST way to get the most info, is to join our VIP Group! We always urge new members to post your question on our main group feed... You'll get quick, REAL, and honest answers from other DL customers, (there are approximately 10,000 active members in the Group!)

Our "Dream Sisters" post their 'outfit selfies' in the Group, so you can actually see what our products look like on other REAL women!