Preorder Information



 If you decide to Preorder an item on our website, please note the following:

  • Payment is charged immediately at checkout to reserve your preordered item.
  • For Returns on Preorders, you have 14 days from the day that you received the Order by mail, and all other rules apply as stated in our general Return Policy, that can be found HERE.
  • The estimated date on the Preorder page is an approximation communicated by our manufacturer and we only update as more information is provided by our designer. If you do not see an update then we do not have further information at this time. Once we receive tracking number from our Manufacturer we will also post an update on social media. Our "Classic" styles and Tops typically take approx. 1-2 weeks to get in. Our Exclusives are custom made and printed, so they take a bit longer to receive. Covid has also slowed everything down these days, so we usually get them in approx. 4-6 weeks, sometimes sooner.
  • Our Preorder Items are best selling Dream Leggings pieces that have previously been In stock and sold out multiple times. Most of the time our preorders sell out again online before even making it into our warehouse, please keep this in mind if you are thinking of waiting until we actually get them in stock.
  • If you have any questions about your Preorder please contact us at 


Preorder Information: These are our newest pretties that you have the chance to guarantee your size and print before they sell out. Things tend to sell out fast around here, so this is your perfect opportunity to get exactly what you want! *SAVE 10% on all Preorders with the Discount Code: 10PREORDER

If ordering any PREORDER items, please do so separately, in a separate order. DO NOT COMBINE IN-STOCK ITEMS WITH PREORDER ITEMS, pretty please! This will only delay your shipping time. 

Stay tuned to our VIP Group for daily updates

 - REGARDLESS from all other In-Stock items ~ As our Exclusives are custom made exclusively for Dream Leggings. Our Preorder 'Exclusives' take a bit longer than our usual leggings to arrive at our warehouse. 

SAVE 10% on all Preorders with the Discount Code: 10PREORDER