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Solid Colored Leggings

You can't go wrong with our Solid Colored Leggings, available in Regular, Plush, and limited colors in Plush XL sizes! Our Dream Leggings gives you the perfect fit every time! Find the stretch and flexibility you need for everyday activities or a solid workout. These versatile leggings are made with quality materials and fitted fabrics that shape your legs for a flattering figure, for ALL shapes and sizes. Explore the rainbow of colors in our Solids category!

We have a limited selection of our NEW Yoga Waist Leggings too! Look for the "Yoga" in the title words.

Also, feel free to ask us any questions, anytime! The BEST way to get instant answers, and hear from other REAL DL customers, is to join our private VIP FB Group! This is more of a womans only "community" of (11,000 and growing!) "Dream Sisters", sharing their love of the brand, as well as sharing their outfit ideas, requests and voting polls for new prints, and so much more! I always urge all new customers to join this group, and feel free to post ANY and ALL of your questions on the main group feed.

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