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Plush XL Size Tops & Tunics - up to 3X Plus Size Tops

Plush XL Tops & Tunics

Dream Leggings has everything you need to spice up your style. Looking for figure-flattering “Plush” Sizes? (That’s our term we like to use instead of the same old ‘Plus-Size’ label!) We believe fashion is for every body, shape, and size! Try our flattering Plush XL Size Tops & Tunics - for sizes up to 3X Plus Size Tops.

*Limited Availability, so if you see a top in your size, grab it girl! 

*Be sure to join our VIP Facebook Group to stay up to date on the newest DL prints, Tops & Tunics styles, and the best part... Seeing our members post their “Leggie-Selfies” pics, so you can get a better sense of how our pretties look on REAL women! 

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