Plus size Tops


Plus size Tops and Tunics for sizes up to 3X. Our solid colored Leggings Tops are stylish, trendy, and flattering on EVERY size and shape! 

All Tops are hand picked by DL’s owner, Jen making sure each Top is flattering, “Leggings worthy” and appropriate to wear with leggings and capris. Meaning she only chooses the highest quality at affordable prices, and most importantly to cover your “assets”!
Those who say “older” or “larger” women can’t wear leggings are WRONG!  There is no age expiration date, no “perfect size or shape”! It’s ALL ABOUT THE TOP! As long as you have the right length and fit of your Leggings Top, ANYONE, any size, shape, age, even gender can wear Leggings! 

We offer a limited supply of our Tops, as our main focus is our world famous, customer favorite Leggings. When we do occasionally come across a Top that we think would look and fit perfectly with our leggings, we will post in our VIP Group first, to get our customers consensus. We then will take Early Release Preorders for the tops, which gives our VIP members “first dibs” on the sizes and colors. After a few days of our VIP polls, we will post live to our website. This is one reason why it’s crucial to be apart of our 10k member VIP Group! Join now so you’re not left out! Our Plus size tops are always the first to sell out! 

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